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Snowflakes at Pemberley by Jennifer Kay

After finishing the disappointing The Mistletoe Pact, I felt assured that if I returned to Darcy and Elizabeth in Snowflakes at Pemberley, my spirits would rise. I can safely say that that was indeed the case.

A quote from Snowflakes at Pemberley by Jennifer Kay

This variation starts when Elizabeth, along with her Aunt Gardiner and her children, travel to Derbyshire to visit Aunt Gardiner’s aunt. Jane recently married Mr. Bingley so Elizabeth’s closest confidante is no longer in residence. Plus, Charlotte married Mr. Collins so she’s no longer available for Elizabeth to spend time with. Thus Elizabeth goes along with her aunt so she can care for the four children while Aunt Gardiner takes care of her aunt.

A quote from Snowflakes at Pemberley by Jennifer Kay

Darcy is home at Pemberley after Christmas. He misses Miss Elizabeth, but not enough to leave Georgiana. However, he attends the Twelfth Night assembly in Lambton, thinking that he would be comparing every female there to Miss Elizabeth. Yet, he discovers that she is there. This leads him to ask her to dance.

Snowflakes at Pemberley by Jennifer Kay

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Snowflakes at Pemberley, Darcy had overheard Jane and Elizabeth talking at the Bingley wedding. As is the case with most eavesdroppers, he discovered that Elizabeth did not like him at all. He sets out to remedy that when he uncovers that she is in Derbyshire. Will he be successful at turning her emotions around? Read and find out.


Snowflakes at Pemberley is a variation that I had not read before. I do like the premise and how Darcy gets his “Hunsford” moment through eavesdropping. This one is well worth the read. This one is on Kindle Unlimited.

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