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Southern Sorcery by Amy Boyles

I had to continue the Sweet Tea Witch Mysteries with Southern Sorcery. I mean, Pepper and Axel were calling my name so I had to read.

A quote from Southern Sorcery by Amy Boyles

At the end of Southern Myths, Rufus appeared in Familiar Place, Pepper’s store for familiars. We know from previous books that Rufus wants Pepper’s powers, but what exactly does he want with her power?

A quote from Southern Sorcery by Amy Boyles

Rufus creates a bond between Pepper’s power and his. So if she uses her power, he is the one who gets fueled. With her power building up and creating a headache, will she be able to break the bond before she has to use her power?

Southern Sorcery by Amy Boyles

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Southern Sorcery, Axel is out of town. When the bond between Rufus and Pepper is uncovered, Pepper’s grandmother takes her to see a sorcerer. Hopefully, he could break the bond. But he dies before telling them how to break it. Will Pepper’s bond be broken? What is Rufus’s game?


This cozy mystery series (of which there are 26 books! well #26 is coming out this month) is available on Kindle Unlimited. This one features a dragon so of course I loved it. As I’m a huge sweet tea drinker, I love how sweet tea features in the story. I love how the clues are laid out with this one.

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In case you hadn’t figured it out quite yet, I write three blog posts a week- one about a fantasy book (published on Thursdays), one about a mystery book (published on Saturdays), and one about a romance book (published on Mondays). This one is a mystery so if you’re a mystery lover, then you’ll want to check it out!

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