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Taken by the Vampires by Charmaine Ross

I found Taken by the Vampires because it’s the next book in the series after Saved by the Princes. But this story does not include Cindamyn or her princes. All new characters are in this one. It’s a fairytale retelling with a slight twist. It’s a reverse harem story.

A quote from Taken by the Vampires by Charmaine Ross

Ella lives with her mother in a small town named Conway in the Berkshire Mountains. They have a farm outside of the town, where they raise sheep. When the story starts, the town bully Gary was at her house trying to blackmail Ella into sleeping with him. He had her family Grimoire and the only way he would give it back was by Ella sleeping with him. Ella has more dignity than that so she throws his words into his face by insulting him and grabs her Grimoire. Then she proceeds to steal his truck and race away.

A quote from Taken by the Vampires by Charmaine Ross

Ella decides to go to this cabin she knows out in the middle of nowhere, but she stumbles into a storm and falls down. Luckily she’s rescued by three men: Xander, Cassius, and Davon.

Taken by the Vampires by Charmaine Ross

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Taken by the Vampires, Ella awakes from her injuries from her fall to discover that the storm outside the house the men live in are keeping them prisoner. She knows that she needs to return to her mother, but Ella feels a connection with the men. Will she or won’t she decide to be with them?


This book is on Kindle Unlimited. If you like magic, fairy tales, and fated soul mates, you should read this one. While I liked the first one better, this one does have some twists in it that I didn’t see coming. There are some sexy times so no reading if you aren’t prepared for that.

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