That Man Next Door by Nadia Lee

I’m not sure exactly how I found That Man Next Door, but I think it was mentioned in one of my Facebook groups I’m in. But I love the fact that it is set in northern Virginia where I live.

A quote from That Man Next Door by Nadia Lee

Jan Doe is the youngest grandchild of Alexandra Darling, a successful business owner. She works in the family company as an assistant to the marketing director, her cousin. She returns from New York City, where she ran out on her fifth one-night stand. Yet, Jan is still a virgin.

A quote from That Man Next Door by Nadia Lee

Matt Aston is a lawyer, who moved from New York City back to northern Virginia to work at Sweet Darlings Inc, Jan’s family company. He was also Jan’s fifth one-night stand. But even more, he moves in next door to Jan.

That Man Next Door by Nadia Lee

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In That Man Next Door, Jan must now deal with Matt as he lives next door and works at the same place she does. Will he break down her barriers or will she send him on his way?


I enjoyed this book a lot. When Jan and Matt went on a date to Burke Lake Park, I almost squealed as I had gone for a walk there last Tuesday. I loved that real places are used in the book. While there is a third-act breakup (never my favorite), it’s not as bad as others.

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