That Scandalous Evening by Christina Dodd

I’ve had That Scandalous Evening for a while from Kindle Unlimited. I finally decided to read it. I’m so glad I did.

A quote from That Scandalous Evening by Christina Dodd

Ransom Quincy, Marquess of Blackburn, returns from fighting Napoleon hurt. But he’s still able to spy. His mission is to find out how the French are learning what is going on. Since Ransom’s return coincides with Jane’s return to society as chaperone for her niece, Adorna, he decides to court Jane to use as a blind for his other activities.

A quote from That Scandalous Evening by Christina Dodd

Jane Higgenbothem fled London and society as a ruined debutante. Now she’s returning as her beloved niece’s chaperone. Little does she know that her niece has plans for her. Jane wants nothing more than to be able to work on her art. Her favorite muse, Ransom Quincy, ruined her as a debutante and seems to be back to do the same again. She’s determined to ignore him to the best of her ability, which might not be much.

That Scandalous Evening by Christina Dodd

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In That Scandalous Evening, Jane returns to London with her niece in tow. Adorna is a beautiful girl who turns heads wherever she goes. Ransom shows up at the first soiree that Adorna and Jane attend. Oh, the shenanigans that happen when he’s around.


I liked That Scandalous Evening so much more than Miss Wonderful. This one kept me going back to read more, even when I shouldn’t have been. I definitely recommend for anyone who likes historical romances.

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