The Blood of the Hydra by Michelle Madow

The Blood of the Hydra immediately followed the Prophecy of Shadows so there was no stopping me from continuing on with the story. Plus, I had to see what happened between Blake and Nicole!

A quote from The Blood of Hydra by Michelle Madow

Nicole Cassidy found out that she’s the daughter of a god. Of course she reels from the knowledge. Plus, at the end of the last book, Nicole discovers that she has the ability to channel black energy. BUT that is illegal, which terrifies her.

A quote from The Blood of Hydra by Michelle Madow

Blake controls the element of fire. He and Danielle are dating when Nicole arrives on the scene, but he’s instantly attracted to Nicole. Yet, Danielle plays tricks on Nicole as she’s jealous of the attention that Nicole is receiving.

The Blood of Hydra by Michelle Madow

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

The Blood of the Hydra reveals that the group of five must find a way to gather all the ingredients for a spell. This results in the group traveling to Greece to take on some mythical creatures, like Scylla and travel to islands like the Island of Lotus Eaters. They run into other demigods along the way. Situations create enemies for the group. What else happens? Read it and see!


This was an interesting read. Some of the same mythical characters from Harley Merlin made their way into these. Yet, these were very different! I do like the Greek mythology touches throughout, especially with the nods to the Odyssey. The Blood of the Hydra is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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