The Cove by Catherine Coulter

I have loved reading Catherine Coulter’s books since I was in high school. I first discovered her through her historical romance books, but when she published The Cove in 1996, I had to read it. Since I hadn’t read this since 1996, I wanted to reread it.

A quote from The Cove by Catherine Coulter

Sally Brainerd is on the run. She can’t remember what happened the night her father died. It’s not clear whether she did something or her mother did- not that she would blame her mother. But she runs to her Aunt Amabel in California, clear on the other side of the U.S.

A quote from The Cove by Catherine Coulter

James Quinlan is a FBI agent, who goes undercover as a detective. He tells everyone he’s been hired to look for this old couple, but really he’s looking for Sally. After all, Sally is wanted as a material witness in her father’s murder.

The Cove by Catherine Coulter

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Cove, Sally escapes from a sanitarium that her father or her husband placed her in. She’s unsure why they placed her there, but she doesn’t like it since they molest her (it makes me think of the beginning of The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne.) James follows her to The Cove and works to gain her trust. But there is more than one mystery afoot in this book. Want to learn more? Read it and find out!


This is the first of Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thriller series, which is now up to 25 titles. The 25th book will be released in August. This book introduces Dillon Savich, who is the basis of the rest of the books. While this one is good, I prefer the later books with Savich and Sherlock.

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My plan for 2021 is to write a blog post for each book I read. Last year, I read 150 books. I’m super close to 150 now…

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