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The Discarded Daughter by Shana Granderson

Once I finished Delighting the Duke, I felt a need to return to Lizzie and Darcy. I had borrowed The Discarded Daughter from Kindle Unlimited. As it was by the same author as several others I had read this year, I felt reasonably assured that I would enjoy it.

A quote from The Discarded Daughter by Shana Granderson

This variation is four books in one. It starts with Fanny Bennet giving birth to Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Fanny is quite mad and doesn’t believe that Elizabeth is her daughter. She tries to harm Elizabeth to the point that Mr. Bennet establishes Fanny in a tenant’s cottage. Mr. Bennet hires a wet nurse, Mrs. Tammy Manning, to work with the nursemaid to help protect Elizabeth. It’s not too long before Fanny conspires with her lover to kidnap and kill Elizabeth. However, instead of killing Elizabeth, like Fanny wanted him to, her lover only abandons her in a forest.

A quote from The Discarded Daughter by Shana Granderson

Elizabeth is abandoned because a carriage arrives and startles the kidnapper. Richard and Andrew Fitzwilliam hear Elizabeth crying and rescue her by taking her home. Elizabeth is adopted by the Fitzwilliams when no one claims her after all the Fitzwilliams’ inquiries.

The Discarded Daughter by Shana Granderson

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Discarded Daughter, Elizabeth grows up with the Fitzwilliams (and yes, the Darcys). Darcy and Elizabeth find each other much earlier as they grow up together. But there are multiple villains in the book like Lady Catherine, Wickham, and Fanny Bennet. How will they impact the story of our dear couple? Read and find out.


The Discarded Daughter is a variation that I had not seen played out before. I have seen where Elizabeth and Darcy grow up together, but not as cousins. This one is well worth the read. This one is on Kindle Unlimited.

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