The Dragon Throne by Ava Richardson

Of course I had to finish the trilogy with The Dragon Throne, right? This one picks up right where the last one left off. It finishes off the trilogy in a great way. I kind of could see the ending coming, but the journey was how they would get there.

A quote from The Dragon Throne by Ava Richardson

Kaelan Younger is battling being accepted at the Akademy. It doesn’t matter what she does. She’s constantly under suspicion because she’s Mordon’s daughter. Several of the other students want her gone. Even though she saved the dragons from the sickness, Kaelan is still on the outside.

A quote from The Dragon Throne by Ava Richardson

Lasaro Afkarr is still reeling from the betrayal of Kaelan. He understands why she did what she did, but it still hurts. He and Kaelan are being forced to work together even more than before, trying new things.

The Dragon Throne by Ava Richardson

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Dragon Throne, Kaelan and Lasaro are forced to take a dragon oath to not talk about the possibility of war coming. So much happens as a result of the sickness from the last book.

General Marque is sending lots of troops into the borderlands. There’s another dragon (not Mordon) that is terrorizing Alveria. The prophecy says that Mordon’s child will take the throne. Well, will she or won’t she? Read the book to find out.


I absolutely loved this whole trilogy. It was so well written. The Dragon Throne kept me up last night as I refused to go to sleep until I finished it. This one is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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