The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

While I had taken a slight detour, I had to go back to this series. Next up was The Duke. Duke of Trewyth is mentioned in the Highlander, but he’s not really seen. That’s okay, though, because this is his story.

A quote from The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

Imogen Pritchard is a gal who ends up like a lot of gals in working class. She’s working off her father’s debt at the Bare Kitten Gin and Dance Hall. Since she’s a nurse by day, she refuses to prostitute herself and only serves drinks under a nickname- Ginny. That is, until HE shows up.

A quote from The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

Collin “Cole” Talmage loses his family in an accident, resulting in him inheriting the dukedom. But he was a skilled fighter, which causes him to remain in service to the Queen. The night before he leaves on a secret mission, he and his comrades visit the Bare Kitten Gin and Dance Hall. Cole spots “Ginny” and eventually pays the owner twenty pounds for one night with her.

The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In the book The Duke, it starts with Imogen and Cole meeting at the Bare Kitten. Later, Imogen is the nurse who saves Cole’s life, but he doesn’t recognize her as Ginny at all. What happens when she becomes his widowed neighbor? Read this one to find out!


This one is not on Kindle Unlimited, but it’s well worth the price. This is probably my favorite of the series so far. There are sexy scenes in this one.

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