The Duke’s Daughter Part 2: Highs and Lows by Shana Granderson

I had to keep reading this one. The Duke’s Daughter Part 2 picks up exactly where The Duke’s Daughter Part 1 finishes.

A quote from The Duke's Daughter Part 2 by Shana Granderson

So at the end of the last book, Darcy pushes Lady Elizabeth out of the way of Wickham’s bullet, saving her life. But what’s left hanging is how Mr. Darcy will fare as a result of the bullet wound. What will happen to our dear couple now?

A quote from The Duke's Daughter Part 2 by Shana Granderson

Lady Elizabeth figured out on her walk that she’s in love with Mr. Darcy. He’s made the necessary changes and now she sees how good of a man he truly is. While he’s fighting for his life, she’s there in his home, encouraging him.

The Duke's Daughter Part 2 by Shana Granderson

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Duke’s Daughter Part 2, Mr Darcy is recovering from George Wickham’s bullet, after Lady Elizabeth saves his life from fever. She had read about using ice and cool water to bring down a fever. After Darcy awakens, Elizabeth goes to visit her royal cousins in an effort to get Darcy rewarded for his bravery. While there, the Prince Regent bestows the title of Duke of Derbyshire upon Darcy.

While Wickham was killed in the last book, his lover Mrs. Younge and his accomplices were not. They steal away and plot revenge. There are lots of flashes to what the villains are up to in this book. Yet, they do not take action in this one.


The Duke’s Daughter Part 2 is a continuation of the variation of Pride and Prejudice. However, I don’t think you need to read this one. It is full of a lot of telling, especially through flashbacks. The concept was good, but still needs some editing. This one is on Kindle Unlimited.

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