The Duke’s Daughter Part 3: Conclusions by Shana Granderson

After I read I Pucking Love You and In My Wildest Fantasies, I had to finish up this story. The Duke’s Daughter Part 3 picks up exactly where The Duke’s Daughter Part 2 finishes.

A quote from The Duke's Daughter Part 3 by Shana Granderson

So at the end of the last book, Elizabeth and Darcy are married. They are informed that Lizzy is still in danger by Tony Alvarez. Tony leaves his mother behind and travels back to England in an effort to go straight.

A quote from The Duke's Daughter Part 3 by Shana Granderson

Lizzy, along with her family, travel to Falconwood, the seat of the Duke of Derbyshire. While there, they meet the staff and start to make changes. Not too long after arriving, Darcy and Richard with their father-in-law and brother return to Pemberley to take care of the villains who are determined to hurt Lizzy.

The Duke's Daughter Part 3 by Shana Granderson

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Duke’s Daughter Part 3, the accomplices from part 2 make their attempt. Once they are revealed, the villians make their way to the tower. A lot of this book is spent reviewing what happens domestically. Each of the four youngest, Lady Mary, Lady Catherine, Lady Georgiana, and Lady Loretta are all courted and married.

There are lots of pregnancies, but some losses as well. Lots of loose ends are tied off.


The Duke’s Daughter Part 3 is the conclusion of the variation of Pride and Prejudice. However, I don’t think you need to read this one. It is full of a lot of telling, especially through flashbacks. The concept was good, but still needs some editing. This one is on Kindle Unlimited.

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