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The Lacemaker by Mary Kingswood

The Lacemaker is the next in the Silver Lining Mysteries. Each of these are books about someone whose nearest relation went down with the Brig Minerva off the coast of Cornwall. This one concerns the Milburn sisters.

A quote from The Lacemaker by Mary Kingswood

Charles Leatham is now the heir to his father’s estate. As the third brother (they were named much like the Bridgertons), he never expected to be the heir. Thus, he had had to resign from his commission in the army. As such he’s now at a loss of what to do as there are no orders to follow. Well, other than the order from his stepmother that he must marry.

A quote from The Lacemaker by Mary Kingswood

Caroline Milburn is the oldest of three sisters. Both parents have passed away, leaving Caroline to struggle to provide. Caroline tats lace to sell in Winchester. But her life (and that of her sisters) change in a visit. Mr. Stratton (the younger) arrives to tell them of their change of fate.

The Lacemaker by Mary Kingswood

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Lacemaker, the Milburn sisters are shocked to discover that their grandfather had left them a cottage. It certainly raised them in fortune. But they also found out that their mother was a natural child. Still, they move to Bursham Cottage.

Once there, Mrs. Leatham, Charles’s stepmother visits and determines that Caroline would make a good wife for Charles. But when Charles and Caroline meet, neither one very much likes the other. Want to learn how the pair end up? Read the book!


I much prefer The Lacemaker over the Widow. I’m not sure if it’s because this one reminded me of Pride and Prejudice in so many points or if I just related to Caroline better than Nell. Still, both are worthy of a read. But most definitely this one!

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