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The Lost Elemental by Tessa Hale

After I finished The Shifting Fate series, I checked out what other books are available from Tessa Hale. I found The Lost Elemental so I had to start it. This is the start of The Royals of Kingwood Academy.

A quote from The Lost Elemental by Tessa Hale

Aura wants nothing more than to graduate from high school, get a job so she can help her mom with the medical bills, and go to college on a scholarship. Yet, first she must attend The Revealing to determine if she has an elemental affinity. Her best friend Lainey attends the event with Aura, hoping to pick up some hotties to make a harem.

A quote from The Lost Elemental by Tessa Hale

Aura manages to take out the electricity of a city block during her test. To say she has an affinity is an understatement. Two guys who were at the Revealing, Kai and Riven, let Aura know that she is headed to Kingwood Academy.

The Lost Elemental by Tessa Hale

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Lost Elemental, Aura learns to control her affinities while dealing with mean girls and bullies. She meets Atlas and Phoenix while at Kingwood. Riven, Kai, Atlas, and Phoenix are the princes of the four elemental kingdoms. How will Aura fare at the academy with all of the bullying? Read it and see.


If you’re a fan of reverse harem fantasy stories, then you need to read this. This one get spicy!! There’s a great storyline to the series. AND the last book just came out on Monday! Major plus, it’s on Kindle Unlimited.

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My plan for 2022 is to write three blog posts a week- one about a fantasy book, one about a mystery book, and one about a romance book. This one is a fantasy so if you’re a fantasy lover, then you’ll want to check it out!

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