The Maze by Catherine Coulter

I had to continue the FBI Thrillers by Catherine Coulter. The second in the series is The Maze. This time, the main characters are Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock.

A quote from The Maze by Catherine Coulter

Lacey Sherlock is the daughter of a judge. She loves to play the piano and plans to attend Julliard. That is, until her sister is murdered. Instead of studying music, Lacey studies psychology and criminal justice. She applies to the FBI Academy, planning to be a profiler, until she determines that she can’t take the stress.

A quote from The Maze by Catherine Coulter

Dillon Savich no longer is partners with James Quinlan. Instead, Savich now heads a new unit called the CAU (Criminal Apprehension Unit). They use computers to solve their crimes.

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Maze, Lacey Sherlock is in the FBI Academy, most specifically in Hogan’s Alley. It is there that she meets Dillon Savich. In fact, she takes him down as he’s playing the bank robber. But that takedown impressed Dillon so much that he requested her for his unit. She jumps at the chance as it will give her access to the information about the serial killer who killed her sister. Want to learn more? Read it and find out!


This is the second of Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thriller series, which is now up to 25 titles. The 25th book will be released in August. This book introduces Lacey Sherlock, who is the love interest of Dillion Savich and one of the main characters of the rest of the books.

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