The Omega Lesson by Roxy Collins

I put off reading The Omega Lesson since the guys that are the male main characters are the ones who treated Maddie Dove from The Omega Merger so horribly when teenagers. I didn’t want them to get a happy ever after, so I put it off. But finally, I decided to read it.

A quote from The Omega Lesson by Roxy Collins

Lexi Novak is a female alpha who works as a high school teacher at an all-male alpha academy. Matthew Cliff is a 19-year-old senior in Lexi’s class, to whom Lexi is highly attracted.

A quote from The Omega Lesson by Roxy Collins

Benjamin Cliff, the best friend of the Lyalls and mentioned in The Omega Merger, is the older brother and guardian of Matthew. Matthew calls him in for a parent-teacher conference because Mattie wants Lexi to be his alpha.

The Omega Lesson by Roxy Collins

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Omega Lesson, much like how Maddie was switched by Griff, being around Jackson Lyall causes Lexi to switch. How will that impact her? Will she be able to trust these guys after what she went through with her ex-husband who is keeping her daughter from her?


If you’re a fan of omegaverse, you’ll want to check this one out! It is a reverse harem story. This is on Kindle Unlimited. Run to read it. It’s so good.

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