The Omega Merger by Roxy Collins

The Omega Merger is an Omegaverse offering, but it’s not like any other Omegaverse story I’ve read in a couple of ways.

A quote from The Omega Merger by Roxy Collins

Maddie Dove is a beta. She works with alphas to help negotiate their business mergers, etc. She is known as the Alpha Wrangler. In this story, she works with the McCauley twins (Lucas and Ryan) and Alain Constantin to merge their companies.

A quote from The Omega Merger by Roxy Collins

The McCauleys have a mining company. Constantin has a shipping company. Yet, the negotiations take over four weeks because hey, they are alphas. When Constantin throws a spanner in the works, they all decide to meet at a restaurant. Maddie and her best friend and colleague, Kel Williams end up in the bathroom at the restaurant when Alain Constantin mentions bringing in someone to help with the negotiations.

The Omega Merger by Roxy Collins

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Omega Merger, when Lord Griffin Heywood, omega to Alain Constantin has a bout of unexpected voyeurism in the omega bathroom, he sees and hears Maddie giving Kel a blowjob to try to burn off some steam. Griffin is a switch. He can switch from an omega to an alpha. When a switch is in the vicinity of another, it can cause them to switch. When Maddie switches, what will happen?


If you’re a fan of omegaverse, you’ll want to check this one out! It is a reverse harem story. This is on Kindle Unlimited. Run to read it. It’s so good.

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