The Omega Verse by Roxy Collins

After I put off reading The Omega Lesson, I refused to do that with The Omega Verse, especially since it was already out! One of the main male characters (and their band) was mentioned in The Omega Lesson.

A quote from The Omega Verse by Roxy Collins

Cass Amaro is a beta living in Shady Bay. She runs an Italian bakery. When her brother dies, she finds out because he’s a famous musician. She hadn’t seen him since he left the foster home they were at when he was 14 and she was 8. So Cass tries to meet the other members of her brother’s band to learn more about him.

A quote from The Omega Verse by Roxy Collins

Tom Bush is an alpha who works as a paramedic and is Cass’s best friend. He arranges for Cass to get a VIP pass to the tribute concert that the Sundowners (her brother’s band) is performing in her brother’s name. River Ryder is the omega member of the band and the keyboardist. Jett Colter is the lead singer and the alpha of the group. Silva Sterling comes in to replace Cass’s brother as drummer. He’s a beta or so we think…

The Omega Verse by Roxy Collins

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Omega Verse, when Silva and Cass meet, they set off a designation switch in each other. Will Cass be able to learn more about her brother? Who is Kobi Grace and how does he fit in?


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