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The Queen of Time and Thunder series by Sadie Anders

I’m not sure how I found The Queen of Time and Thunder series. Maybe it was a Facebook ad. I wouldn’t be surprised at all as Facebook puts lots of ads into my feed.

The Shadow Council (Queen of Time and Thunder series #1)

In The Shadow Council, Nova is a witch, well, really a little more than that, who has been on the run over the years (try a century). She works as a bartender in Los Angeles. One of her former bosses calls and asks her for a favor. Annie needs Nova to work as a bartender for a catering job. This causes Nova to rush over to the job, only to discover four hot magical guys who are The Shadow Council- Remy, Sai, Bain, and Ruairi. Each of the guys are different. Remy is a shifter. Sai is a vampire. Bain is half Incubus while Ruairi is a Fae, just like Nova. What happens when they find out about her?

A quote from The Shadow Council by Sadie Anders, the first in the Queen of Time and Thunder series

The Midnight Key (#2)

The Midnight Key is the second book in the Queen of Time and Thunder series. While a bomb is dropped on Nova at the end of The Shadow Council, it’s not addressed until later in this book. The Midnight Key tells of Nova learning more about her past and Kellan coming after her. Nova grows closer to all four of the council.

A quote from The Midnight Key by Sadie Anders, the second in the Queen of Time and Thunder series

The Lightning Tower (Queen of Time and Thunder series #3)

In The Lightning Tower, the third book of the series, Nova, along with the Shadow Council, has been swept away to Awilyn, the fae realm. She sees her mother and sister. But is Awilyn everything she and Ruairi remember?

A quote from The Lightning Tower by Sadie Anders, the third in the Queen of Time and Thunder series

The Eclipse War (#4)

In The Eclipse War, the final installment of the series, Nova works with her Shadow Council to bring down Kellan, who they have learned is someone older than they thought and much more powerful. They travel between worlds to save them all.

A quote from The Eclipse War by Sadie Anders, the fourth and final in the Queen of Time and Thunder series


If you’re a fan of reverse harem fantasy stories, then you need to read this series. It does get spicy! There’s a great storyline to the series. All of these are on Kindle Unlimited and you should run to read them!

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My plan for 2022 is to write three blog posts a week- one about a fantasy book, one about a mystery book, and one about a romance book (with some posts about series thrown in). This series is a fantasy so if you’re a fantasy lover, then you’ll want to check it out!

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