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The Second Mr Darcy by Laraba Kendig

I’m a mood reader and I got into the mood to read Pride & Prejudice variations so The Second Mr Darcy was next on my TBR list. It was another variation by Laraba Kendig so I had to read it.

A quote from The Second Mr Darcy by Laraba Kendig

Unlike canon, in this variation, Fitzwilliam is NOT the eldest Darcy. That honor belongs to Lawrence Darcy, who married Anne de Bourgh. However, Lawrence is NOT a good, honorable man. He and Fitzwilliam are estranged for the most part. Fortunately, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Richard Fitzwilliam are co-guardians still of Georgiana. This only comes about because Fitzwilliam trades estates with Lawrence. That is something that Georgiana is grateful for.

A quote from The Second Mr Darcy by Laraba Kendig

Thus, when the Darcy siblings come to Meryton and Netherfield, Miss Bingley is not chasing Fitzwilliam since he does not own Pemberley. This allows the Darcy siblings to get to know the Bennet sisters. When Lawrence Darcy dies, Fitzwilliam Darcy requests Elizabeth to come to Pemberley with Georgiana.

The Second Mr Darcy by Laraba Kendig

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Second Mr Darcy, when Lawrence Darcy dies, it’s up in the air who will inherit Pemberley as Anne is pregnant. Will Lady Catherine get her way in having Fitzwilliam Darcy marry her daughter, Anne? or will Fitzwilliam Darcy decide that he can’t live without Elizabeth?


The Second Mr Darcy has many changes to canon, including Wickham’s since he is a friend of Lawrence Darcy. If you like low angst, imaginative variations to Pride & Prejudice, I recommend reading this one. It is on Kindle Unlimited.

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