The Spy Coast by Tess Gerritsen

My friend Cari read The Spy Coast for the Kindle Spring Challenge. She insisted that I needed to read this one. I went in without even reading the blurb.

A quote from The Spy Coast by Tess Gerritsen

It starts with Diana in Paris. So you think at first the story is about her, but then it switches to Maggie’s point-of-view.

A quote from The Spy Coast by Tess Gerritsen

Maggie Bird is a retired CIA operative that now lives as a chicken farmer in Purity, Maine. But someone breaks into her home. When Maggie returns, she discovers a woman who wants her to help find Diana. Maggie wants nothing to do with it.

The Spy Coast by Tess Gerritsen

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Spy Coast, we learn about Maggie and why she retired from the CIA. When a body shows up on her doorstep, Maggie must figure out what or who is coming back to haunt her.


The Spy Coast is available on Kindle Unlimited and so is the audio version (but I didn’t listen to it). There are quite a few twists that I didn’t see coming. If you like movies like The Bourne Conspiracy, Hunt for Red October, or TV shows like Alias, you’ll want to read this.

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