The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

Next up was The Viscount Who Loved Me. So of course, I couldn’t stop with The Duke and I. I decided to continue on with the Bridgertons. This time it was Anthony’s turn for matrimony and to find his true love.

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn quote
Anthony musing to himself

Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, the hero of our tale. Anthony is the oldest brother of Daphne Basset nee Bridgerton. Anthony has decided that it’s time he take a wife. He’s of the firm belief that he will not survive to be older than his father. Since his father died at the age of 38, Anthony does not want a love match. Thus, he settles on Edwina Sheffield, the Incomparable of the season.

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn quote
Kate’s inner thoughts when reading about Anthony

Kate Sheffield- older sister to Edwina. Since the Sheffields need to economize, both Kate and Edwina come out to society together. Edwina trusts Kate’s opinion and even says to society that the suitor must please her sister in order to be taken seriously.

The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In The Viscount Who Loved Me, Kate reads about Anthony and his rakish ways in Lady Whistledown’s Papers before ever meeting him. Anthony determines to marry Edwina before ever laying eyes on her. You can only imagine the fireworks that come from Kate and Anthony meeting since she wants Anthony to have nothing to do with her sister and Anthony being determined to marry Edwina.

There are so many great scenes in this one, but my favorite has to be when they play Bridgerton style Pall Mall (croquet for those of us in America). That’s a scene I can see clearly and do hope that it will be part of the second season.


The same recommendation from The Duke and I applies to The Viscount who Loved Me. I had not read any Julia Quinn books before December 1st. But both a friend and my sister told me I must and I did before watching the show. If you like historical romances, you won’t be disappointed in this one. If you like light hearted banter, you won’t be disappointed. This book is incredibly witty and very well-written. I highly recommend reading it. I think I even like this one a little better than I like The Duke and I.

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And in case you hadn’t figured it out, my plan for 2021 is to write a blog post for each book I read. Last year, I read 150 books. We’ll see how I do this year.

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