Things We Hide From The Light by Lucy Score

Last year I fell in love with the characters from Knockemout, Virginia. No, it’s not just because I live in the area near where Knockemout is placed. Knox and Naomi from Things We Never Got Over captured my heart with all their grumpy-sunshine goodness and especially their side characters. So when Nash and Lina showed up in Things We Hide From the Light, well, let’s just say I cleared my schedule to be sure that I could read it right away.

A quote from Things We Hide From The Light by Lucy Score

Nash Morgan is the brother of Knox. He’s the police chief of Knockemout. In Things We Never Got Over, Nash survived a shooting. Now he struggles to make it through the day.

A quote from Things We Hide From The Light by Lucy Score

Lina Solavita strolls into Knockemout shortly before Nash is shot. An old girlfriend of Knox’s, Lina has many secrets. When she moves in next door to Nash, he is instantly suspicious.

Things We Hide From The Light by Lucy Score

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Things We Hide From The Light, Lina and Nash don’t always see eye to eye, but Nash comes to value Lina for multiple reasons. It takes all of his strength to get through the day, and sometimes he doesn’t make it. Lina, his new neighbor, helps calm him. She’s there in Knockemout for her job, but doesn’t let anyone really know that. Will they be able to come together? Will the villain from Things We Never Got Over come back to tie up loose ends? Read this one and find out!


What can I say about this one? I laughed a LOT. I cried. Mostly I fell in love with Nash and his wounded, broody ass. I mean, he is Studly Do-Right. I’ve always had a thing for the good guys. While this is technically a stand-alone, it’s much better to read AFTER Things We Never Got Over (just remember this story is before the epilogue of TWNGO). This is on Kindle Unlimited in the U.S. I read it first on KU, but I also own a signed print copy that I purchased through Turn The Page bookstore (Get your own autographed copy here). But be prepared. This is a LONG one- as in 589 pages long. The physical copy is “girthy” as we like to say in Lucy Score’s Facebook group. But it’s definitely worth the length!

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