Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Last year I fell in love with the characters from Knockemout, Virginia. No, it’s not just because I live in the area near where Knockemout is placed. Knox and Naomi from Things We Never Got Over captured my heart with all their grumpy-sunshine goodness and especially their side characters. Nash and Lina in Things We Hide From the Light showed us how good they could be together. But the book I had been waiting for since the first read of Things We Never Got Over was Lucian and Sloane. I knew their story had to be epic since the banter between them was so good. So I downloaded Things We Left Behind as soon as I could!

A quote from Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Lucian Rollins is the best friend of both Knox and Nash Morgan. He grew up in the house next door to Sloane. Now Lucian (aka Suit Daddy) is a political consultant and owns his own company.

A quote from Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Sloane Walton is Knockemout’s head librarian. Growing up, she was a busty bookworm, who had a cherry tree outside her window.

Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Things We Left Behind, we finally find out Sloane and Lucian’s story and why they treat each other the way they do. The book starts at Sloane’s dad’s funeral. Yes, Lucian shows up. We learn more about what Lucian does for a living and why he does it. When Sloane is in danger, will Lucian be there to protect her or will he push her away to “protect” her? Read this one and find out!


What can I say about Things We Left Behind? I laughed a LOT. I cried (trust me, you will need tissues). Lucian aka Suit Daddy lived up to the hype (I’m still in love with Nash, though). While this is technically a stand-alone, it’s much better to read AFTER Things We Never Got Over and Things We Hide From The Light. This is on Kindle Unlimited in the U.S (comes to KU in the UK October 1st). I bought an ebook copy of it so I could read it, BUT I got a physical copy signed and to meet Lucy on Friday. (Yes, I’ll share a pic) This is a LONG one- as in 592 pages long. The physical copy is “girthy” as we like to say in Lucy Score’s Facebook group. But it’s definitely worth the length!

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