Till This Night by Koko Heart

I’ve been waiting since I read I’m All Yours to read this one. I joined Koko Heart’s Facebook group and discovered that Connor and Juliet’s book was titled Till This Night. Plus, it was released on February 13th. I mean, thank goodness my wait wasn’t too long.

A quote from Till This Night by Koko Heart

Juliet Cooper is the youngest of the Cooper sisters. When her brother-in-law died, she escaped to Thailand for three years. Her sisters never knew that it was a combination of her brother-in-law’s passing and something she overheard Connor say to her sister, Cleo, his best friend that sent her running.

A quote from Till This Night by Koko Heart

Connor Shay vividly remembers meeting Cleo Cooper in primary school. Due to his abusive parents, he did not want to visit Cleo’s house, but one day, he visits after school. He learns what family truly is and he sees a fairy princess, Juliet. She was literally dressed as a fairy princess in purple (I mean, she was eight.). It was then that Connor gave Juliet the nickname ‘Princess.’

Till This Night by Koko Heart

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Till This Night, Juliet and Connor go on a journey of self-discovery to hopefully lead them to each other. Connor never thought he was good enough for Juliet because of his abusive parents. Juliet never knew Connor’s story. She only saw him as her ‘Prince Romeo.’ Will they be able to work it all out and take a chance on each other?


This is on Kindle Unlimited. Koko Heart tugs all the heartstrings with the Cooper sisters. Yes, I laughed and cried with this one. If you’re a Shakespeare fan, trust me, you want to read these. If you like Princess Bride, you’ll love all the references in Till This Night. Koko Heart set up the next book so well in this one. I can’t wait to read Cleo and Antony’s story.

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