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Transforming Mr Darcy by Melanie Rachel

Obviously, I continued right on with my Pride and Prejudice variations binge with Transforming Mr Darcy. (I’m telling you I’m not sure why I went through so many, but luckily most are on Kindle Unlimited.) This one is NOT available on Kindle Unlimited.

A quote from Transforming Mr Darcy by Melanie Rachel

This variation starts at the assembly when the Bingley party arrives. The main difference in this variation is what if Jane and Elizabeth had fairy godmothers? The fairy godmothers exist to create the perfect match for their charges. Elizabeth believes that Jane’s fairy godmother, Priscilla, has brought Mr. Bingley for Jane.

A quote from Transforming Mr Darcy by Melanie Rachel

By adding in the character of Mildread, Elizabeth’s fairy godmother, Elizabeth does not overhear the slight made by Mr. Darcy. Instead, Mildread does. Everything goes topsy-turvy from there. How does Elizabeth respond if she doesn’t actually hear the slight from Mr. Darcy?

Transforming Mr Darcy by Melanie Rachel

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Transforming Mr Darcy, there are a number of fairy tales that are woven into one with the addition of our dear couple. After his slight, Mr Darcy finds it hard to sleep at Netherfield and ends up changing beds every night, due to something hard bruising his back each night. Hello, Princess and the Pea turned on its head. There are also some elements like Rumplestiltskin and Snow White also included. Want to see how it all ends up? Read it and find out.


Transforming Mr Darcy is a short novella of only 87 pages. If this one is on Kindle Unlimited, I would recommend it for everyone. However, since it is not, I would only recommend for someone who really enjoys fairy tale retellings, especially for anyone looking for a quick read to finish their reading challenge for the month or year.

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