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Turnabout by Sydney Salier

I love Pride & Prejudice variations. Sydney Salier comes up with some unique variations, that’s for sure. Turnabout is one of those unique variations.

A quote from Turnabout by Sydney Salier

This variation starts with Fitzwilliam Darcy pondering how it was that the people of a village like Meryton would oust one of the higher members of London society. The attitudes of the Bingleys forced the overseers of Netherfield to evict the Bingleys and send them back to London. Mr. Darcy’s insult of Miss Elizabeth definitely didn’t help their case.

A quote from Turnabout by Sydney Salier

Mrs. Bennet is a different character in this variation, having an aunt who married a wealthy tradesman, who was the younger son of a gentleman. The aunt, who lost her only son early, ensures that Mrs. Bennet and her daughters will be taken care of if something was to happen to Mr. Bennet.

Turnabout by Sydney Salier

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Turnabout, what will Darcy do when he meets Elizabeth in London in higher society than he thought he would? Many things will play out in this one. Read it and find out what!


This one is on Kindle Unlimited. If you like variations where Elizabeth does end up with Darcy, even if Jane does not end up with Bingley, then you need to read this one.

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