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Twilight of Embers by Tessa Hale

I was extremely fortunate that I received an ARC of Tessa Hale’s newest book Twilight of Embers. I fell in love with her work in August 2022 when I first read Spark of Fate. She set up Twilight of Embers in Destiny of Ashes as one of the main male characters is in that one, but I had forgotten that until I finished this one.

A quote from Twilight of Embers by Tessa Hale

Hayden loses her parents when she is eleven. She ends up in the foster care system. We see where she loses her parents. Fast forward eight years and now she is on her way to college.

A quote from Twilight of Embers by Tessa Hale

The first sign that something is up is that Hayden feels a zap of energy when she comes into Ember Hollow. Evergreen University is where she will be attending school on a scholarship. Of course, she runs into Knox almost instantly.

Twilight of Embers by Tessa Hale

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Twilight of Embers, Hayden is drawn to multiple guys, which confuses her. She is not sure what is going on. But the guys take her under their wing and seem to want to help her. Hayden has no idea about who she really is.


This story fascinated me. Hayden is so clueless about the supernatural world (kinda like Leighton). But the guys- I love how Tessa Hale creates them so distinct and unique. I definitely recommend checking this one out when it comes out TOMORROW (January 19th!)

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