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Twin Rivers Possession series by September Stone

I actually read the next series before I read the Twin Rivers Possession series. After finishing that, I had to go back and read this series. There are three books in this reverse harem fantasy series.

Fire Possessed (Twin Rivers Possession series #1)

In Fire Possessed, Sophie has done her best to keep Mother Nature under control, but when she tried to ignore Mother so she could live her life, Mother had other plans. Sophie’s house caught fire, sending her scrambling to fulfill Mother’s wishes. So it’s off to Twin Rivers for Sophie.

Along the way, she meets Carrigan, a telepath who can’t turn it off so he hears voices all the time. What happens when he discovers that when Sophie is around, he can’t hear a thing? Carrigan offers to help Sophie find Twin Rivers. After arriving there, she runs into Hagan, a bear shifter who can’t stop shifting until you guessed it, Sophie came around.

A quote from Fire Possessed by September Stone, the first book of the Twin Rivers Possession series

Savage Possessed (#2)

Savage Possessed is the second book in the Twin Rivers Possession series. The group- Jonas, Carrigan, Hagan, Valor, and Sophie – head out to find Elowen. Jonas still worries that Sophie is going to hurt Carrigan so he refuses to leave them. But what happens when they finally find Elowen?

A quote from Savage Possessed by September Stone, the second book of the Twin Rivers Possession series

Soul Possessed (Twin Rivers Possession series #3)

In Soul Possessed, Valor has an attack of conscience and leaves the pack without being aware of the consequences for doing so. Sophie, as the new Alpha, must find him as food now tastes like ash because he is missing. What happens when he tried to return to Elowen, only to be possessed himself? Will Sophie be able to save him?

A quote from Soul Possessed by September Stone, the third book of the Twin Rivers Possession series


If you’re a fan of reverse harem fantasy stories, then you need to read this series. It does get spicy! All of these are on Kindle Unlimited and you should run to read them!

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My plan for 2022 is to write three blog posts a week- one about a fantasy book, one about a mystery book, and one about a romance book (with some posts about series thrown in). This series is a fantasy so if you’re a fantasy lover, then you’ll want to check it out!

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