Undulate by Elodie Hart

Elodie Hart is a penname for an author I read and I’m in her Facebook group. After reading Unfurl, the first in the Alchemy series, I had to read Undulate, which is Zach and Maddy’s story.

A quote from Undulate by Elodie Hart

Maddy is Belle (the MC from Unfurl)’s best friend. While Belle had lots of Catholic hangups about sex, Maddy is a very sexually liberated woman. She joins the staff of Alchemy, managing their social media.

A quote from Undulate by Elodie Hart

Zach French is also a thirty-six-year-old businessman, like Rafe, who is one of his best friends. Zach, along with Rafe, Gen, and Cal, establishes a sex club in London in addition to working with Rafe on his hedge fund. But Zach lost his wife eighteen months ago to pancreatic cancer. Now he’s a single dad to two young girls.

Undulate by Elodie Hart

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Undulate, Zach rarely ventured into Alchemy when he was married. He and Claire, his wife, did use a room once or twice, but mostly, he stayed away. Now that he’s a widower, well, Zach hasn’t looked into the Playroom. Cal convinces him to peek into the Playroom as Cal sees Zach’s attraction to Maddy. Will he give into his desires or will he maintain that self-control he prides himself on?


This is on Kindle Unlimited. Elodie Hart truly brings the spice with role play, multiple participants, and fantasies. Don’t read this if those things will cause you to clutch your pearls. I’m such a fan of how this author brings her characters to life. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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