Unexpected Arrivals series by Kaylee Ryan

I found another romance series to read in 2022 with the Unexpected Arrivals series. By series, I mean separate books that connect since I read Pippa Grant’s Happy Cat series as a box set. This one grabbed me from the first book! I had to read them all. BUT do not judge it by the blurb about each book.

Unexpected Reality (Unexpected Arrivals series #1)

Unexpected Reality is the first in the series. It starts with Ridge Beckett meeting this woman Melissa and having a one night stand. Little does he know that around 8 months later, he finds Melissa as the victim of an accident on the side of the road one rainy night. She was coming to see him to tell him he was going to be a father. But don’t think that this is a romance between Melissa and Ridge. *Spoiler alert* Melissa passes away from an aneurysm.

Instead this book is a romance between single daddy, Ridge and Kendall Dawson, a nurse who went to school with Ridge’s sister Reagan. But will Ridge be able to balance a new relationship while learning to be a new single dad?

A quote from Unexpected Reality by Kaylee Ryan, the first in the Unexpected Arrivals series

Unexpected Fight (#2)

The next book in the Unexpected Arrivals series is Unexpected Fight. This one is about Reagan Beckett, Ridge’s sister, and Tyler Justice, one of Ridge’s best friends. Unexpected Fight picks up almost exactly where Unexpected Reality ends. Reagan and Tyler showed hints of dating throughout the first book, but Tyler makes up his mind about what he wants and that is Reagan. But what is the unexpected fight??

A quote from Unexpected Fight by Kaylee Ryan, the second in the Unexpected Arrivals series

Unexpected Fall (Unexpected Arrivals series #3)

Next up is the one most readers could see coming- Mark and Dawn in Unexpected Fall. They’ve been seeing each other since the first book. I mean, Dawn is the first person that Ridge stopped to help the rainy night that he found Melissa in the accident and Dawn is Kendall’s best friend. But Mark and Dawn have never put into words what exactly they are to each other. When several unexpected tragic events happen in Dawn’s life, will Mark step up to catch her unexpected fall?

A quote from Unexpected Fall by Kaylee Ryan, the third in the Unexpected Arrivals series

Unexpected Bond (#4)

Unexpected Bond is the fourth in series. That New Year’s Eve at Mark and Dawn’s, well, Seth and Amelia might have had too much drink and did something that they vowed to never speak about again. This was especially because Seth was rapidly falling in love with Mara, Amelia’s college roommate and best friend. But what happens when it turns out that not only is Amelia sick with cancer, but that she’s pregnant with Seth’s baby? MAJOR TISSUE WARNING for this one!

A quote from Unexpected Bond by Kaylee Ryan, the fourth in the Unexpected Arrivals series

Unexpected Odds (Unexpected Arrivals series #5)

In Unexpected Odds, Kent has been watching his brothers falling in love and have kids all around him. His memories of Delaney well up and threaten to overwhelm him, especially when Ridge says their next job is on the Harrington house. What happens when he sees Delaney again, especially when he discovers that she has no memories of them?

A quote from Unexpected Odds by Kaylee Ryan, the fifth in the Unexpected Arrivals series


If you’re a fan of big, brawny, tattooed construction workers who are just big softies, then you need to read this series. All of these are on Kindle Unlimited and you should definitely read them. However, I do want to be sure to mention that every story centers around children, so consider this fair warning. I don’t want anyone triggered by it unawares.

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My plan for 2022 is to write three blog posts a week- one about a fantasy book, one about a mystery book, and one about a romance book (with some posts about series thrown in). This one is a romance so if you’re a romance lover, then you’ll want to check it out!

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