Unfurl by Elodie Hart

Elodie Hart is a penname for an author I read and I’m in her Facebook group. When she first talked about Unfurl, I wasn’t quite sure if it was a book for me. Yet, I gave it a chance because I’m in love with this author’s style of writing. Bonus- she lives in London and writes stories set in London so it just brought me back to my time living in London.

A quote from Unfurl by Elodie Hart

Belina (also known as Belle) Scott is a twenty-two year old virgin. She has a healthy sexual fantasy life, but her upbringing causes her guilt and shame when she thinks about taking it beyond fantasy. Her father is very patriarchal and ultra-conservative. It’s his way or nothing at all.

A quote from Unfurl by Elodie Hart

Rafe Charlton is a thirty-six year old businessman. He lives in the penthouse flat above Belle’s parents’ flat. Rafe, with three college friends, establishes a sex club in London in addition to his other businesses.

Unfurl by Elodie Hart

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Unfurl, Belle desperately wants to get rid of her virginity, but still feels the shame and guilt that growing up Catholic has instilled in her. After discovering that Rafe’s sex club Alchemy has a programme specifically for virgins, well, Belle starts the journey of self-discovery.


This is on Kindle Unlimited. Elodie Hart truly brings the spice with role play, multiple participants, and fantasies. Don’t read this if those things will cause you to clutch your pearls. I’m such a fan of how this author brings her characters to life. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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