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Unknown Family Connections by Shana Granderson

Once I finished A Bennet of Royal Blood, Unknown Family Connections was described at the end as it is also written by the same author. When I read the summary, I knew I had to read it. Fortunately, it, too, is on Kindle Unlimited.

A quote from Unknown Family Connections by Shana Granderson

This variation is two books in one. It starts over a hundred and fifty years in the past with the Duke of Bedford. Being the evil man he is, he forces a wedge between his two sons. As a result of this wedge, the younger son Thomas leaves the family home and decides to use his mother’s maiden name, Bennet.

A quote from Unknown Family Connections by Shana Granderson

Over one hundred and fifty years later, Thomas Bennet eschews visiting town, even though his second wife has important connections within the Ton. His first wife dies after having their daughter Jane. His second wife provides him with the all important heir and a spare, in addition to their daughter Elizabeth. Thomas Bennet owns Netherfield, but doesn’t let their tenants know that he is their landlord. So when the Bingleys arrive, the sisters show their true colors.

Unknown Family Connections by Shana Granderson

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Unknown Family Connections, Mr. Darcy fails to recognize the Bennets’ connections and proceeds to put his feet into his mouth (yes, both of them). Read and find out if he’s able to extract them!


Unknown Family Connections is a variation that I had not seen before. This one is well worth the read. This one is on Kindle Unlimited.

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