Unstitch by Elodie Hart

Elodie Hart is a penname for an author I read and I’m in her Facebook group. After reading the previous books in the Alchemy series, I had to read Unstitch, which is the story of Darcy (Gen from Unveil‘s sister), Dex (Belle from Unfurl‘s brother), and Max (he was in Unveil in a very steamy scene).

A quote from Unstitch by Elodie Hart

Darcy Carew is the younger sister of Gen from Unveil. She is a dancer who has returned from Australia and works at Alchemy as a dancer. Gen has decreed that Darcy is only for looking, not touching. She explicitly tells Max that Darcy is off limits, but will Max be able to resist?

A quote from Unstitch by Elodie Hart

Max Hunter is Anton Wolf’s right-hand man. Now that Anton is backing away from his business, Max takes over as CEO. He is especially working on the IPO for the company. Max spent most of his time in Alchemy, that is until he saw Darcy. Darcy makes him decide that he wants only her. Or does he?

Unstitch by Elodie Hart

Dexter Scott is Belle (the heroine of Unfurl)’s older brother. He has been working for Goldman Sachs in New York City. Yet, Loeb lures him back to London with a partnership. He meets Darcy at Alchemy and Darcy immediately wants him. She is in a relationship with Max, but Darcy tells Max (and shows him a pic) about Dex and expresses her want.

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Unstitch, Max is the older in this age gap with Dex about halfway between Darcy and Max. Will it be the three of them?


Unstitch is on Kindle Unlimited. Elodie Hart truly brings the spice with a threesome unlike any other I’ve read. Don’t read this if a throuple will cause you to clutch your pearls. This one is so good. The complexities of the feelings of the three are so well written and explained that it is just chef’s kiss.

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