Warrior Fae Princess by K.F. Breene

Warrior Fae Princess is the next book in the Demon Days, Vampire Nights series. While this does have Reagan, Darius, Penny, and Emery in it, they aren’t the main characters, but supporting ones. Instead, it follows Charity, the alleged Warrior Fae and the shifter Devon that we met in the last book.

A quote from Warrior Fae Princess by K. F. Breene

Charity Taylor works with Devon and his pack while attending college. But her magic is getting out of control. Devon helps with his shifter magic, but it’s spilling over.

A quote from Warrior Fae Princess by K. F. Breene

Devon is the sub-alpha of the southern California pack. And he’s in love with Charity. They travel to see her dad as they aren’t sure which of her parents are the Warrior Fae. Devon gets a wake up call seeing where Charity grew up.

Warrior Fae Princess by K. F. Breene

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Warrior Fae Princess, a group travels to find out more about Charity’s ancestry. They don’t want to chance taking her to the Flush (where the Warrior Fae live) without knowing that she’ll be accepted. But there are obstacles on their path to get Charity there. Will they make it? Will she be accepted? Read it and see!


This book is on Kindle Unlimited. If you like witches, supernatural powers, etc, this is definitely a book you should check out. There are more books in this series. Yes, I will keep reading.

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