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Welcome Home by Mary Smythe

Obviously, I continued right on with my Pride and Prejudice variations binge with Welcome Home. (I’m telling you I’m not sure why I went through so many, but luckily most are on Kindle Unlimited.) This one is available on Kindle Unlimited.

A quote from Welcome Home by Mary Smythe

This variation starts as Mr. Darcy is on his way home to Pemberley on Christmas Eve after leaving Bingley in London. As he gets closer to Pemberley, snow begins falling, making his men ask whether they should stay in Lambton or continue on to Pemberley. Deciding that he doesn’t want to be trapped in Lambton, Darcy encourages them to press forward. Darcy’s thoughts return to Elizabeth Bennet as he tries to sort through his feelings for her. He asks God for a sign as to what to do.

A quote from Welcome Home by Mary Smythe

When Darcy arrives at Pemberley, Elizabeth greets him. He startles at the greeting, but soon it becomes evident that she’s in fact, his wife. She takes care of him, just like he always wanted someone to do. When he awakes the next morning, he discovers it was all a dream.

Welcome Home by Mary Smythe

Brief Summary (while trying not to give everything away)

In Welcome Home, Darcy returns to London and shares with Bingley that Jane Bennet is there. Darcy continues to try to make reparations and ultimately tries to court Elizabeth while under his aunt’s nose. What will happen? Read it and see


Welcome is a short novella of only 129 pages. It’s almost a blending of Pride and Prejudice and A Christmas Carol, including mentions of Jacobs and Marley as well as Cratchit. This one is on Kindle Unlimited. I do recommend it, especially for anyone looking for a quick read to finish their reading challenge for the month or year.

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My plan for 2021 was to write a blog post for each book I read. This is the thirty-seventh book of December. Just three more- almost doneā€¦

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