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Zodiac Wolves by Elizabeth Briggs

If I remember correctly, I found the Zodiac Wolves series through a Facebook ad. But I had read Elizabeth Briggs before and loved that series so I had to try this one.

Moon Touched (Zodiac Wolves series #1)

In Moon Touched, Ayla is half human, half wolf shifter in the Cancer pack. When she arrives at the Convergence hoping to find her fated mate, she discovers it’s not the chance she hoped for. Instead her fated mate is the son of the Leo Alpha and he rejects her. Ayla manages to escape, but she’s captured by the 13th sign pack- Ophiuchus. But will her fated mate leave her alone?

A quote from Moon Touched, book 1 of the Zodiac Wolves series by Elizabeth Briggs

Star Cursed (#2)

Star Cursed is the second book in the Zodiac Wolves series. Ayla is now the prisoner of the Leo pack as Jordan tries to claim her as his mate. Of course she wants nothing to do with him since he rejected her. But will Kaden and the rest of the Ophiuchus pack rescue her or is she on her own?

A quote from Star Cursed, book 2 of the Zodiac Wolves series by Elizabeth Briggs

Sun Crossed (Zodiac Wolves series #3)

In Sun Crossed, Ayla has been kidnapped once again. This time, her kidnappers take her to Lunatera, a place that the Moon Witches hide from the Sun Witches. Ayla learns to control her moon magic, hoping that she’ll be able to return and save Kaden. Will she? Will they find a way to break the mate bond between Ayla and Jordan?

A quote from Sun Crossed, book 3 of the Zodiac Wolves series by Elizabeth Briggs


While the Zodiac Wolves series is not yet complete, (the author has had health issues that she explains at the end of Sun Crossed) I highly recommend reading these. They are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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